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AJSavannahs Cattery. Offering the much desired Savannah kittens from only Savannah to Savannah breedings with early generation, F1 and F2, Savannah females and later generation, F5 and F6, Savannah males. A TICA registered cattery, member Savannah Cat Club and The International Savannah Breeders Association. AJSavannahs cattery produces Savannah cats and Savannah kittens using only Savannah males in our program. We breed our Savannah Cats for health, temperament and gorgeous Savannah type. Members of the Savannah Breed Section, we proudly support Savannah breed seminars and Savannah-Ramas. Please check the AJSavannahs site often for new litters of Savannah kittens.

A1Savannahs* Gabriel (Gabatta) of AJSavannahs. RETIRED.
F1, A1S. Serval sire and F5 Savannah dam.

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*Joyce Sroufe is the original owner of A1Savannahs and the founder of the Savannah cat breed; our F1s come from her lines, before she retired.

She was a very knowledgeable and generous mentor to us and we are fortunate to have enjoyed her guidance when starting our Savannah breeding program in 2003.

Gabatta, F1, age three months.

Gabatta, F1, already showing the zest for life we've come to love.

Gabatta, F1, age three months.

Gabatta, left and her sister Ayo

Gabatta and Ayo, first Christmas

Gabatta and Mahjongg. She's done but he's not ready to quit playing.

Gabatta, F1 and Mahjongg (pet Bengal)

Gabatta and Mahjongg

Gabatta and Mahjongg

Gabatta on top of something high, as usual.

Gabatta and Ayo on the cat tree.

Gabatta on top of the 'fridge. Again.

Gabatta on the top shelf, Mankala on the bottom. Cabinets are fair game for Savannahs.

Gabatta and the woodpecker.


Gabatta disgusted because no one will play with her.

Gabatta with a gorgeous close-up. She loves the camera as you can tell by all the Gabatta photos!

Gabatta exploring under the cabinets.

Gabatta can jump to the top in one leap.

Gabatta TRIES to walk on door frames.

Gabatta, F1, stealing my candy cane. They love spices of all kinds.

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