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F2B Sophia
DOB July 25, 2006
F1 Kboo x F6B Wari
Ken and Deborah

Busy is an understatement!  They decided to play in my silk drapes yesterday – NOT good thing – I had to put them in ‘time out’. I’ve learned that if you do ANYTHING they will come to investigate and start to play with it or on it no matter what it is.  I was cleaning our bedroom yesterday – using Pledge polish and Windex for the glass – and Oliver came right up and stuck his nose in the rag and snuffled on the furniture after I polished it! She tried to eat the rag!  Don’t worry – they’re fine – didn’t get any bad stuff in their mouth – I’m just saying they are INTERESTED in EVERYTHING you do – more so than any other cat we’ve ever had and I thought Aby’s were nosey!  You’re right when you say Savannahs are not for people that have owned Persians – they couldn’t handle it!

They are both so loving.  Always come when we call – but you cannot give Oliver attention without showering Sophia as well – she gets jealous and wants her love.  She is such a ‘female’ she wants what she wants when she wants it! They are always in the same room with us and constantly together.  I am so glad we got two at one time as  I think every kitten needs a playmate. Boomer (our Bengal ) and Lucy (our Aby) are adapting well – especially Boomer.  He wants to be with them – not necessarily playing with them – just ‘watching’ over them and making sure they’re OK.

I am so glad Cat Fancy did an article on Savannahs – this brought us to you and Jason and your wonderful Savannahs.   I might have to have more!!  They are truly a joy.

More photos coming soon.

AJSavannahs F2B Sophia July 2009

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