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The International Savannah Breeders’ Association (TISBA)

TISBA is composed of a group of dedicated breeders, owners, and enthusiasts who are united in their efforts to preserve, improve, and promote the future of all generations of the domestic Savannah cat. A main goal is to provide education to the general public, pet owners, and Savannah breeders.

The International Cat Association (TICA)

AJSavannahs is a TICA registered cattery; we are members in good standing. and we subscribe to the TICA Code of Ethics.

The Savannah Cat Club (SVCC)

AJSavannahs is committed to excellence in our ownership, breeding, and sale of the Savannah Cat. We adhere to the Savannah Cat Club Breeders’ Code of Ethics. The code is designed to protect the interest of the club, it members, and most importantly, the Savannah Cat breed.

We’ve included many, many photos of our Savannahs, at various ages, to encourage you to read the SVCC Code of Ethics.

About Us

Wild looks and loving personalities. Our kittens are exceptionally typey, extremely loving, and typically quite large. Photos on our Testimonials page. All our kittens are from the coveted Savannah-to-Savannah breedings. Many of our kittens’ families blog about their Savannahs. Please visit our Blogs page for complete links and even more information about, and photos of our kittens.

All of our cats are raised in our home, never caged, and are very much underfoot. And on my computer, and on top of doors, and under cabinets, and anywhere they choose. Link here to read a short account of what it’s like to live with these spectacular cats.

For more information on Savannah temperament and care  requirements, please see our FAQ page.


We breed for health, temperament and type and work diligently to insure that each of our kittens will be placed in a lifetime home. To insure that goal, we require a pre-screening Interview and Care Questionnaire be completed for all owners. We also require a veterinarian reference as well as two personal or professional references.

Questionnaire available for online submission here.


Food and Preferences

Our cats eat Wellness, Earthborn and Blue Buffalo brands canned food, supplemented with Blue Buffalo and Iams brands dry.


Gabatta, F1 female Ayo and Gabatta, F1 females
Wari, F5 male
Kboo, F1 female
Mbau, F6 male

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