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Scratching Devices, Furniture and Exercise Equipment

Safety and Misc






Orka Mini Bone

Natural Area Rugs make great scratching devices for Savannahs. Natural fiber, large enough to stay in place, even for 30 pound F2s and their F1 mothers.

Feli-Way for cats natural stress relief, mimics a cat’s natural pheremones.


Orka Jack with Rope

Hobby Lobby for great woven footstools, perfect for scratching and very inexpensive (use online coupon). Also attractive for any room.

Rescue Remedy for pets, from Bach Flower Remedies.


Kong Red Mini Ship from Amazon

Cat Condos

Flat Screen Straps from Bed Bath & Beyond

Wellness Kitten

Wiffle Balls

Cat Trees

Flat Screen TV Straps from Amazon


Playskool Busy Balls from Amazon -- these even hold up to our F1s!

Cat Wheels

Safety 1st Magnetic Cabinet Locks -- they keep your Savannah safe and they don’t ruin the look of your cabinets



Exercise Wheel




Little Tikes are easy to clean, perfect to hide in and under, and are virtually Savannah-proof. Please see our Adults pages for photos of our Little Tikes toys.


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