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May 2, 2019


F3C kittens available now, 25 weeks of age. Already spayed or neutered, all vaccines up-to-date and ready for their new families.

F3C kittens Elliott, Aleta and Della
Elliott, weighing 13 lbs, 8 oz, is another of our Gentle Giants, already dwarfing his sisters Aleta and Della. Elliott is a big baby and will sit in my arms and press his lips against my chin while staring deeply into my eyes.

Aleta reminds us of our beloved F1 Gabatta, in coloring and in attitude, she’s beautiful, and she knows it!

Della is all attitude and energy and she loves, loves, loves to be stroked and petted and will get so excited she’ll roll right off the cat tree as we rub her tummy.

F3C Joy -- Roly Poly Perfection
Joy likes to zoom around chasing toys or her sister Noelle, and she loves to be up high. If we lose Joy, all we have to do is look UP to find her staring down at us.

Joy likes to play hard-to-get and makes us work for her love. She prefers to be up on her cat tree as we pet her, but will sit on our lap once she decides we’ve been obediently subservient.

F3C Noelle -- Lively Lunatic
Noelle is much more active than her sister Joy, they make a great pair. Noelle comes running to be held and can’t figure out why her sister plays hard-to-get. She truly loves to run and leap and chase her sister or play keep-away with toys.

Noelle is very active, inquisitive and always up to a new adventure. She’s also a bit of a Houdini and will move furniture over to the door to make it easier to sit and pick the lock.

Joy and Noelle will be fine apart but we are offering special pricing if you have enough heart -- and space! -- to add both girls to your family. They will entertain you for a lifetime!

Additional photos. Additional photos on our AJSavannahs Facebook page.

Contact Us
Please email or call and we’ll be happy to share details about our  F2 and F3 kittens’ personality and temperament, individual pricing as well as an overview of our screening,  placement and education process.

Email AJSavannahs
866.720.2951 Toll Free,
before 10 p.m. EST, please.
Please EMAIL for faster response.

Delivery Options
I fly with our kittens in-cabin and hand deliver to their new families. When booked in advance, the airfare and in-cabin costs are very similar to air cargo costs most breeders charge to ship their kittens as freight.  We will drive limited distances to deliver. We’re quite certain you would not ship your spouse or child as air cargo. We will not ship our kittens as cargo, either.

Placement Requirements
QUESTIONNAIRE, interview, and references required before any placement decision will be made. Questionnaire not necessary for initial consultation.


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Three F3C kittens, five months of age, and several older kittens and young adults available now
Please visit our Facebook page, link above right, for the most current photos. 


AJSavannahs is a veterinarian inspected TICA registered Cattery of Excellence.
Proudly placing exceptional F2B, F3C and F4C family members since 2003.


F3C Elliott, Aleta and Della

AJSavannahs F3C Elliott 022619 dAJSavannahs F3C Elliott 122418 a

AJSavannahs F3C Elliott 022619 b

AJSavannahs F3C Elliott 022619 a

AJSavannahs F3C Elliott 022619 c

AJSavannahs F3C Aleta 022619 aAJSavannahs F3C Aleta 122418 aAJSavannahs F3C Aleta 022619 bAJSavannahs F3C Aleta and Elliott 022619 a

AJSavannahs F3C Della 022619 aAJSavannahs F3C Della 122418 a


F3C  Joy and Noelle  AVAILABLE
From F2B Emma  x F5B Wari


1103171917e-1AJSavannahs F3C Noelle 051418

AJSavannahs F3C Joy 051418 aAJSavannahs F3C Noelle 051418 b

AJSavannahs F3C Joy 051418 b1103171916l-1

F2B Vincent is a true miracle. Vincent was born with
a physical handicap because his brother Clifford was HUGE and left Vincent no space to develop in the
Click Vincent’s baby photo below for an inspiring YouTube video of his accomplishments.


F2B Harvey decided to be mine.
I never thought he would leave me again...

September 25, 2008 - July 31, 2012

You can read Harvey’s Stranded in Las Vegas
saga on our AJS Blog. Click here for Harvey’s Homecoming story (you’ll have to scroll down
past his Duct Tape adventure).

AJSavannahs F2B Vincent 011013 a AJSavannahs F2B Vincent 012012wtmk


AJSavannahs F2B Harvey 070912 awtmk for AJS website AJSavannahs F2B Harvey 041310 awtmk

AJSavannahs F2B Harvey 083010 awtmk

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