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November 14, 2017


Five F3C kittens, seven weeks of age
Two boys, three girls, will be ready to go home mid-January. Emma, Jack, Mia, Bamm Bamm and Mariah.


F3C Linus -- Loving Lap Cat
Linus is one of the most loving Savannahs ever. He sits in my lap and pats my face, kisses on the lips and purrs so loudly we can hear him across the room. Linus just wants to be loved, loved and loved some more. He does like to play, but he prefers to be in my arms.

Linus is a perfect gentleman with our kittens as well as our elderly retiress and would be equally happy with other pets or as an only child.

F3C Joy -- Roly Poly Perfection
Joy likes to zoom around chasing toys or her sister Noelle, and she loves to be up high. If we lose Joy, all we have to do is look UP to find her staring down at us.

Joy likes to play hard-to-get and makes us work for her love. She prefers to be up on her cat tree as we pet her, but will sit on our lap once she decides we’ve been obediently subservient.

F3C Noelle -- Lively Lunatic
Noelle is much more active than her sister Joy, they make a great pair. Noelle comes running to be held and can’t figure out why her sister plays hard-to-get. She truly loves to run and leap and chase her sister or play keep-away with toys.

Noelle is very active, inquisitive and always up to a new adventure. She’s also a bit of a Houdini and will move furniture over to the door to make it easier to sit and pick the lock.

Joy and Noelle will be fine apart but we are offering special pricing if you have enough heart -- and space! -- to add both girls to your family. They will entertain you for a lifetime!


F3C Carlos -- Only Child
Carlos is a very large boy who has decided he wants to be an only child. Please contact us if you can provide Carlos a forever home as an only pet. Special pricing available.

Carlos will always prefer to be an only pet and would love a human who works from home or is retired.

F3B  Sadie -- Sassy and Servally
Sadie has gorgeous type and that wonderful warm coloring, much like her great aunt Gabatta (F1). She loves to play in water and loves watching the birds play in the many bird baths in our backyard.

Sadie is cautious and will survey any situation before she commits. She’s not timid, she’s just very aware of her surroundings.

F3C Zoey -- Empathetic and Gentle
Zoey’s favorite past time is to lay on her back in Jason’s arms and pat his face as he pets her. Zoey is an absolute lover and an extremely gentle compassionate soul.

Zoey would be an exceptional companion for an older adult who would enjoy being adored 24 hours each day!

Additional photos. Hundreds of additional photos on our AJSavannahs Facebook page.

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Please email or call and we’ll be happy to share details about our  F2 and F3 kittens’ personality and temperament, individual pricing as well as an overview of our screening,  placement and education process.

Email AJSavannahs
866.720.2951 Toll Free,
before 10 p.m. EST, please.
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Delivery Options
I fly with our kittens in-cabin and hand deliver to their new families. When booked in advance, the airfare and in-cabin costs are very similar to air cargo costs most breeders charge to ship their kittens as freight.  We will drive limited distances to deliver. We’re quite certain you would not ship your spouse or child as air cargo. We will not ship our kittens as cargo, either.

Placement Requirements
QUESTIONNAIRE, interview, and references required before any placement decision will be made. Questionnaire not necessary for initial consultation.


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F3C kittens available now
Young adults available, too.
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AJSavannahs is a veterinarian inspected TICA registered Cattery of Excellence.
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F3C Jack and Emma are AVAILABLE, (F3C Bamm Bamm, Mia and Mariah are reserved.)
F2B Kbutu x F5B Wari





F3C Linus, 10 months
F2B Kbutu x F5B Wari

1103171916l-2AJSavannahs F3C Linus 111417w


F3C  Joy, left, and Noelle, 11 months
From F2B Emma  x F5B Wari



F3C  Carlos and F3B Sadie, young adults 
Carlos from
F2B Kbutu x F5B Wari, F1 Kboo and F6A Mbau are grandparents.
Sadie from F2B Emma x F5B Wari, F1 Kboo and F6A Mbau are grandparents.

AJSavannahs F3C Carlos and F3B Sadie 042516 bwtmk

AJSavannahs F3C Carlos 040416 bwtmk


AJSavannahs F3C Carlos and F3B Sadie 032916 d copywtmk copy


F3C  Zoey, young adult 
F2B Kbutu x F5B Wari, F1 Kboo and F6A Mbau are grandparents.

AJSavannahs F3C Zoey 022415 a1wtmk

AJSavannahs F3C Zoey 022415 ewtmk

F2B Vincent is a true miracle. Vincent was born with
a physical handicap because his brother Clifford was HUGE and left Vincent no space to develop in the
Click Vincent’s baby photo below for an inspiring YouTube video of his accomplishments.


F2B Harvey decided to be mine.
I never thought he would leave me again...

September 25, 2008 - July 31, 2012

You can read Harvey’s Stranded in Las Vegas
saga on our AJS Blog. Click here for Harvey’s Homecoming story (you’ll have to scroll down
past his Duct Tape adventure).

AJSavannahs F2B Vincent 011013 a AJSavannahs F2B Vincent 012012wtmk


AJSavannahs F2B Harvey 070912 awtmk for AJS website AJSavannahs F2B Harvey 041310 awtmk

AJSavannahs F2B Harvey 083010 awtmk

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