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The Savannah Cat Club Breeders’
Code of Ethics


The purpose of this Breeders’ Code shall be to serve as a guideline for a minimum standard of excellence in the ownership, breeding and sales of the Savannah Cat. The code is designed to protect the interest of the club, its members and primarily the breed.

AJSavannahs Cattery. Offering the much desired Savannah kittens from only Savannah to Savannah breedings with early generation, F1 and F2, Savannah females and later generation, F5 and F6, Savannah males. A TICA registered cattery, member Savannah Cat Club and The Internationla Savannah Breeders Association. AJSavannahs cattery produces Savannah cats and Savannah kittens using only Savannah males in our program. We breed our Savannah Cats for health, temperament and gorgeous Savannah type. Members of the Savannah Breed Section, we proudly support Savannah breed seminars and Savannah-Ramas. Please check the AJSavannahs site often for new llitters of Savannah kittens.The Savannah Cat Club expects adherence to the code and blatant disregard for the standards set out in this code will not be condoned.

This is a living document, and as such, may be revised and updated by the Board of Directors, with input from the Membership, as outlined in the By-Laws.

Only those members subscribing to the guidelines herein are eligible to be listed in the Savannah Cat Club Breeder Referral List, have referrals made by the Secretary, and be considered a member in good standing with the Savannah Cat Club.


Members shall:

I. Read and familiarize themselves with the Savannah Cat Club Breed Standard for the Savannah which is approved by The International Cat Association (TICA), and abide by this Code of Ethics, the By-Laws of the Savannah Cat Club & SVCC and the rules of The International Cat Association (TICA).Mankala, F2, age 12 weeks

II. Make every attempt to insure that any agent, employee, or other person acting for the Member comply with this Code of Ethics, the By-Laws of the Savannah Cat Club and the rules of TICA.

III. Accept a majority vote of the club and/or the Savannah Cat Club’s Board as the wishes of the club. Proposed changes which might benefit the breed or the club will be made in an orderly and responsible manner.

IV. Strive to maintain the unique characteristics the Savannah has inherited through selective breeding (intelligence, athleticism, playfulness, health, and type).

V. Put the welfare of each of their cats above personal gain, profit, and/or personal convenience.Gabatta, F1, Mankala, F2,  exploring, as usual.

VI. Keep their cats safe at all times.

VII. Assume the responsibility for proper feeding, maintenance, health care, socialization, exercise and training of all cats in their care; retain or house only the cats for which they have adequate time, facilities and finances.

VIII. Carefully socialize their cats, and any cat exhibiting an obvious and continual temperament problem (extreme shyness or aggressiveness) will not be bred or exhibited in public.

IX. Accept the obligation to protect the interest of their breed by observing the highest standards of sportsmanship: conduct themselves in such a manner as to reflect positively on themselves, their cats, the Savannah Cat Club, cat ownership and the cat hobby, regardless of location or circumstance.

X. Keep accurate records of all cats and litters as required by The International Cat Association.Ayo and Gabatta, F1 sisters

XI. Have the responsibility to educate the public about the Savannah breed and responsible cat ownership. Honestly represent the breed, its characteristics, health concerns, and suitability for any given individual or family. Make every effort to educate new owners or interested persons, and to be both instructive and constructive with their comments.

XII. Not engage in false or misleading advertising or misrepresentation of their cats, nor shall they malign their competition by making false statements regarding their competitor’s cats, breeding practices or person.

XIII. Never, knowingly, place or sell a Savannah, for any purpose, with unethical persons, those who would not provide proper and humane care to the cat, nor any person who has violated any of the principals set forth in this Code of Ethics.

Kboo, F1, loves to peek at us from most anywhere. Her sire is a Serval, her dam and F5 Savannah.XIV. Refuse to sell or give any Savannah to any pet shop, commercial breeder (kitten mill), wholesale dealer, auction, research facility, humane society, animal shelter, nor as a prize in any contest or raffle.

XV. Should you become aware of the mistreatment, abuse, or need for relocation of any Savannah, make every effort to be of assistance by notifying the breeder of the cat involved, the Savannah Cat Club’s Savannah Rescue, and helping in any other way in which you are able.


Exhibitors/Handlers shall:

I. Never have surgery performed on any Savannah to alter cosmetic features (as detailed in TICA rules) to serve the purposes of exhibition.

II. Present for competition or exhibition, only Savannahs which are in good health, good physical condition, and well-socialized. Any cat exhibiting an obvious and continual temperament problem (extreme shyness or aggressiveness) will not be shown or exhibited.

III. See to it that all cats are properly attended to before, during, and following a show.

IV. Show, and encourage the showing, of high quality Savannahs only.

V. Help the novice exhibitor with honesty, kindness, and constructive comments, when requested.

The Savannah Cat Club Breeders’
Code of Ethics


Breeders shall:


I. Maintain the highest possible standards of health, cleanliness and care in my cattery. This includes, but is not limited to proper veterinary care, Ayo, F1, age three monthsadequate size of enclosure (minimum 10ft x 6ft x 6ft), provide plenty of opportunity for exercise and play. Cattery owners should only keep as many cats as they can care for adequately.

II. Urge all buyers to have a kitten or adult cat sold by me, examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of receipt. The buyer will pay for the examination.

III. Deliver or ship only kitten or adult cats of sound health and temperament. Where the buyer or his authorized representative did not personally see and choose said cat, a reasonable period of time (no more than one week) is granted the buyer to advise the breeder of the final decision, including the return of the cat, if that is decided.


I. Encourage queen owners to breed only if they have facilities, time and resources to adequately Gabatta,age-three-monthscare for a litter and upon strong evidence of the possibility of finding suitable homes for the resultant litter.

II. Refuse stud service to any queen I consider in poor health, physically or mentally unsound, or lacking the necessary breed characteristics as set forth in the Savannah Cat standard. Before or at the time of breeding a stud service agreement will have been agreed to and signed by both parties.

III. Stud service contracts wilGabatta, F1, climbing as usuall spell out all specifications to the stud service agreement and must be signed by all parties involved in the stud service agreement. In addition, each party must be given a copy of the signed agreement before any service is rendered.

IV. Breed my own queens only when I have a definite goal for improvement of the breed in mind, never permitting them to produce two consecutive litters unless the queen is in excellent health, or breeding the queen is recommended by a veterinarian.

I fully understand that I am responsible for keeping and/or finding suitable homes for the resultant kittens.


I. Use a sales contract or written agreement in any sale or purchase involving a cat. The sales contract offered by the Savannah Cat Club, or one similar to it, which covers guaranteesMankala, F2, ready to run and agreements must be used with a signed copy to each party involved.

II. Refuse to sell or recommend breeders who do not conform to the ideals and obligations expressed in this Code and refuse all sales to cat wholesalers and retailers, or directly or indirectly allow cats to be given as a prize or donation in a competition of any kind.

III. Provide buyers of my Savannah Cats with a four-generation pedigree, complete health records, accurate breeding, registration records, except that registration papers my be withheld or limited in the case of a cat who the parties have agreed in writing will not be bred, until it has been spayed/neutered as evidenced by veterinary confirmation.Wari, F5, age six months (2004)


The Savannah Cat Club strongly recommends that no kitten should be permitted to go to a new home before 10 weeks of age. The breeder should ensure that kittens are house-trained, inoculated and in good general health.

IV. Provide a copy of the Savannah Cat Standard to accompany any kitten or adult cat sold by me.

V. To encourage and invite the new owners of any cat sold by me to join in becoming guardians of the Breed by becoming a member of the Savannah Cat Club.

VI. Assure kitten buyers that if at any time the buyer has to place the cat, the breeder must be notified and given the opportunity to assist the buyer in placing the cat.Wari, F5 male

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