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F3B Ellie
F2B Komari x F6A Mbau

Ellie IS THE most LOVING thing. She just amazes me everyday as she is a little smiling love bug. Last night during the hockey game she jumped up and went to sleep next to me on the couch and I noticed her nails needed trimming again (my goodness they grow FAST) so I grabbed the clippers and trimmed all four feet and she didn't even twitch. She half opened one eye and that was it. Jim just laughed at her. We couldn't be happier than we are with her. She is just too sweet for words and we are so happy that we were lucky enough to have her come into our lives.

AJSavannahs F3B Ellie 013109 b

I would love to have another if it were close to Ellie's personality. She is just more wonderful everyday. Jimmy is truly in love with Ellie too. (Except he calls her the "Worm"....He says she reminds him of the worms from Men in Black). Tiny head and long little legs on a long body. My only concern is if I can fit a King size bed in our room. Ellie has taken over the middle of the bed and Taters has my extra foot space so Jim and I are fighting for the edges. Ellie just about had Jimmy pushed off the bed last night as he thought I was pushing on him and it was Ellie! Smart little girl!

Like you said it will take a special cat for our home too. Ellie so far has been wonderful. She still has not jumped on the counters in the kitchen, been up on the railing or tried to go into the mud room. She came in the office last night tipped over the little garbage can (empty) and now she just sits outside the door and watches me. She won't come in so I am not going to coax her to.

If one of these kittens (March, 2009) starts to show that it will fit our household let us know. It is more important to have you pick the right one (and I can't stress enough how well you did on the last one!)

Click on any thumbnail below for a full-screen slideshow. Ellie went home to Theresa and Jimmy at 10 months of age.

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