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What exactly IS a Savannah cat?

The Savannah cat is the result of a cross between an African Serval and a domestic cat. The kittens resulting from the cross between the Serval and domestic cat are recognized as domestic Savannah cats.

What does F1, F2 etc., mean?

The F or Filial rating corresponds to the number of generations away from the Serval cross.

  • ·An F1 has a Serval as a parent (usually the male parent) — 1 generation away from the wild cross.
  • F2 has a Serval for the grandparent — 2 generations away from the wild cross
  • F3 the Serval is great grandparent — 3 generations away
  • F4 the Serval is great-great grandparent - 4 generations away
  • F5 the Serval is great-great-great grandparent — 5 generations away

SBT, which stands for Stud Book Traditional, per The International Cat Association (TICA) simply means that the cat is no longer a Foundation (F1-F5) cat and has at least three generations in it’s pedegree that are within the breed and without any outcrosses to another breed.

How big will my Savannah be when full grown?

Size is determined by generation, gender, and genetics. AJSavannahs’ F2 males tend to be quite large. Please see our Kittens page and Testimonials page for examples from past litters.

Are males always larger than females?

As a general rule, males are larger than the females within each generation.

Are early generation Savannahs larger than later generation Savannahs?

As a general rule, the earlier generation cats are larger than the later generations and the males are larger than the females within each generation.

Size— our F1 adult females are very large at 18 to 21 pounds respectively; our F2 weighs 13 pounds; one F6 male weighs 12 pounds; the other F6 male weighs 14 pounds. Savannahs continue to grow for just under three years. And they’re very long, tall cats and appear to be much larger than their weight would suggest.  But, like humans, it doesn’t always hold true that if the parents are tall, then the children will be tall. My parents were both tall, and I’m barely 5', so there can’t be a guarantee that you’ll wind up with a large adult cat just because you purchase an early generation or a kitten with large parents.

Our F2 males do tend to be quite large. Please review our Testimonials page for details and photos of kittens from past litters. Most AJSavannahs F2 males average 15 pounds at six months of age.

Why are all early generation males sold only as pets?

Savannah males are typically sterile until the fifth generation, but a few have proven fertile at the F4 generation. As a result, all early generation males are sterile and sold as pets only.

Can I show one of AJSavannahs kittens?

Only F3 generation and later Savannahs may be shown. We do have gorgeous F3C (the C means both parents and all grandparents are Savannahs, still fairly rare at the third generation), we have beautiful F3C kittens available now (012608)..


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