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F2B Konga
F1 Gabatta x F6A Mbau
Linda and Chuck

He never meets a stranger. Everybody that sees him is his friend. Noise doesn’t bother him. He will walk right up to anyone. He doesn’t tear up anything. I even leave out Kleenex and toilet paper and he leaves it alone. He just plays with his toys and my silk plants (which I am trying to keep!) I am also trying to keep him off my kitchen cabinets and table, which he knows that is a no-no but when my back is turned, he does it anyway. (He just came by to nuzzle me and left again to go explore.)

We just had a friend drop by so I’d better go. I will send you pictures soon, I promise. We are doing great. And Konga is a fantastic sweetie-pie!

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F2B Oliver
F1 Gabatta x M6A Mbau
Ken and Deborah

Busy is an understatement!  They decided to play in my silk drapes yesterday – NOT good thing – I had to put them in ‘time out’. I’ve learned that if you do ANYTHING they will come to investigate and start to play with it or on it no matter what it is.  I was cleaning our bedroom yesterday – using Pledge polish and Windex for the glass – and Oliver came right up and stuck his nose in the rag and snuffled on the furniture after I polished it! She tried to eat the rag!  Don’t worry – they’re fine – didn’t get any bad stuff in their mouth – I’m just saying they are INTERESTED in EVERYTHING you do – more so than any other cat we’ve ever had and I thought Aby’s were nosey!  You’re right when you say Savannahs are not for people that have owned Persians – they couldn’t handle it!

They are both so loving.  Always come when we call – but you cannot give Oliver attention without showering Sophia as well – she gets jealous and wants her love.  She is such a ‘female’ she wants what she wants when she wants it! They are always in the same room with us and constantly together.  I am so glad we got two at one time as  I think every kitten needs a playmate. Boomer (our Bengal ) and Lucy (our Aby) are adapting well – especially Boomer.  He wants to be with them – not necessarily playing with them – just ‘watching’ over them and making sure they’re OK.

I am so glad Cat Fancy did an article on Savannahs – this brought us to you and Jason and your wonderful Savannahs.   I might have to have more!!  They are truly a joy.

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F2B Katie
F1 Gabatta x M6A Mbau
Michelle and Anthony

Katie bear is doing amazing. Last night she divided her attention three ways... she snuggled to me, then to Anthony and then in the middle of us. She sleeps snuggled to Anthony for the majority of the night. But she doesn’t check him through the night like she does me. Every few hours, I get a lick on the eyelid, a little drool and then she goes back to him to sleep. When I get up in the mornings, she is underfoot the entire time. She has started playing in the sink when I wash my face. Today she got scared and instead of running to the bedroom, she ran between my feet and hid under my bath robe. It cracked me up!

She had her first visitor today and did wonderful. My dad came up to meet her. She entertained him with all of her fun games. She drug all of her toys from the bedroom, and then to him. She showed him how she played with all of them. She made sure he thought she was the best thing in the world. It was so cute! She even Serval leaped for him!!
Katie is everything we wanted and more. She is such a blessing to us. She is exactly what we DREAMED of!!! I cannot begin thank you enough for all you have done! She is the most loving and sweet girl. I am convinced you and Jason are the best breeders in the world! No one could ever ask for anything better. You go above and beyond. Thank you!

I hope you enjoy the pictures! I will give you a call in the next few days!

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F2B Ivy
F1 Gabatta x F6A Mbau
Jennifer and Bailey

To say that we’re enjoying Ivy would be an understatement, she is delightful!  I wanted to share with you some points that can get overlooked when people are searching for a new feline member of their family. Yes, it’s a personal journey and an emotional decision. Yes, it’s easy to get excited when you see all the pictures of the cats and kittens. And, yes, there is so much research to be done on the breed and temperament and best fit for the personality and tenor of your particular family. But, I would like to point out that perhaps the MOST important decision, and the one that I think should be researched and made before ALL others, is the breeder you choose to work with.   To me, this was the single most important factor in our happiness with Ivy as a new family member.   Here’s why:

Savannah cats are extraordinary. They are intelligent, active, inquisitive. They are not like anything I have ever experienced before.  The start that these cats get in life can be the key to your ability to incorporate them successfully into your family. When I was doing my research about the breed, I Googled, I searched, I read, I studied. I even saw classified ads from across the country for families who were desperately looking to have their uncontrollable Savannah “pets” adopted.  I would argue that there are very few bad pets in this world, it is in reality ‘bad owners’ who are the problem…. Think of the breeder as your pet’s first and most important owner. It matters how they are raised.

I found that Ivy came to us as the most well behaved, precious, impeccably trained cat. She is well socialized with my other cat, the German Shepherd, and my young daughter!  Adrianne and Jason at AJSavannahs clearly spend so much time with their cats, they are in the home, are family members, are loved, doted on. Ivy came home to us at 5 months of age, and it was clear to me from the moment she arrived, how instrumental Adrianne and Jason were in her development. Again, I can’t stress enough how different this is than just picking out a kitten or puppy.

Interview the breeders extensively and don’t initially get caught up in the emotion of the pictures or availability of the kittens. When you’re happy with the breeder  (and they are equally happy with you as a prospective owner) the right match is destined to come along. 


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F2B Trouble
F1 Kboo x F6A Mbau
Rich and Marcia

We met Trouble's parents before we met him. That was the first time I'd seen a Savannah in person and all I could say was "this cat is COOL." They have an expressive vocabulary, they're extremely affectionate, and they're huge...which can take just a little getting used to! After meeting Kboo and Mbau, we met Trouble, who was 4 months old and already pushing 12 pounds.

I knew right away he was going to be "my" cat. He nuzzled my face, sat in my arms and stared at me with his big green eyes, and then went pinging off after one of his many toys.

Now he's 9 months old (and 20 pounds!) and gets along great with our other three "regular" cats, but his favorite thing is to hang out with us.

He was well-socialized when we got him -- he learned early to be gentle -- so now he enjoys being handled; even for a nail-trimming or the occasional bath. He's very smart, and he aims to please. AJSavannahs does it right -- they care, and they're there with advice when you need it.

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F2B Cary
F1 Kboo x F6B Wari
Terry and Charlotte

Adrianne, we would like to thank you for Cary. You did a wonderful job raising him. We would also like to thank you for the information you provided prior to receiving Cary and when you brought him to us. You made us feel like we are part of your family.

Cary has such a wonderful disposition and so lovable. When we walk into the room he is there to greet us. He truly is a blessing to our family, we cannot thank you enough.

We truly love him as if he has been with us for years.

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F2B Wilbur
F1 Kboo x F6A Mbau
Nina and Teri

Teri and I got our first bonafide kisses today; and Wilbur even kissed the VET!! She’s in love with him too and is so happy for us. A big thanks to you for letting us have Wilbur. (A few weeks with his new family) ...And, it sounds like he’s just like Greta at night. I have him play for a while before bed, and then he sleeps like a baby all night long. He sometimes sleeps in his house (a kitty tower with a condo for him), but usually he’s on the bed, and when I move, he chirps, gives me some kisses and goes back to bed. He’s so darned sweet when he wakes up in the morning—he cleans the hell out of my head and face, purring like a motor, and holding me with his paws.

Update:  We wrote and spoke with many breeders before contacting AJSavannahs. Other breeders seemed more interested in our money and would have given us a kitten immediately. The process of purchasing a kitten from AJSavannahs included more steps, but it was clear this was to make sure the kitten we bought would fit in with our family and would be as happy with us as we would be with him or her. Wilbur (Dark Nose) was not the kitten we were interested in purchasing when we called AJSavannahs, but after several discussions and emails, it was clear that Wilbur was the Savannah for us.

Wilbur is part clown, dog, leopard and domestic cat. He loves to play and his favorite toy is a feather on a stick—he brings it to us to throw, then he fetches it. He can play fetch for …well… hours if we let him. He is constantly doing things that make us laugh—like stealing the corks from a wine bottle and trying to get his head into the wine glass. He follows me, his momma Nina, everywhere I go. He is more loving than we imagined; he loves to lounge in bed with us, sleeping between us, on us, or next to us. He runs upstairs when it’s time for bed, and when we’re up late, he lays at the foot of the bed, looks back at us with drowsy eyes and chirps to tell us to turn off the TV.

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F2B Sophia
F1 Kboo x F6B Wari
Terry and Charlotte

Please see Oliver.

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F2B Shombay
DOB January 19, 2008
F1 Kboo x F6A Mbau
John and Rita

Hello, Adrianne,

...I do want to send a few shots of the kids. I am sooooooo glad Aja came to live with us. It was the best thing in the world for Shombay -- he is such a handful. And I just love her to pieces, she follows me from room to room, sits next to me on the love seat for TV time, and sleeps next to me every night. Shombay prefers a cool surface to sleep on during warm nights. They are together all the time and when I can't find them, I just look up -- they are above me somewhere.

I bought them an igloo for these hot summer months and give them ice cubes to bat around in it. They love it and it usually ends with Shombay collapsing the whole thing with Aja inside. But she loves peek a boo as much as he does. Trouble is, smarty pants Aja has figured out how to use the ice dispenser on the fridge so we have to lock it. Shombay plays fetch the mouse twice a day with John. When he is tired he just plops down mid-game panting like a dog. We are enjoying them very much! When things settle down, we will send you a raving testimonial and photos.


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F2B Aja
F1 Kboo x F6B Wari
John and Rita

Please see Shombay.

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F2B Swazi
F1 Kboo x F6A Mbau
Toni and Family

First night with his new family:  Adrianne, this is the most loving pet I’ve ever owned-some cats are really too independent and aloof to love all the time-you're right, he would rather love and head butt than eat. We left for a short time to get a flat fixed on my sons truck-got back home-went into the room-called his name and he came right to me and started purring... We love him so much already.

Update:  He is still the best cat in the world -- all I have to do when I get home from work is come in the door  and say "Where's my baby" and he comes running to me every time. When I'm home he is never more than 2 ft from me -- always wanting to know what I'm doing. He sleeps with me every night -- and won't let me sleep in -- he runs full speed onto the bed and licks me in the face. I love it though. Enough for now -- toni

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